Muslims told to practise obedience to Allah

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IMAMS yesterday reminded Muslims nationwide to appreciate the time given to them by Allah SWT and optimise it by practicing obedience towards the Almighty to obtain a good life in the hereafter.

The imams said life on earth is not permanent and will end in death, and that it is only the life in the hereafter that is everlasting.

In order to obtain a good life in the hereafter, they said, man needs to have faith and to perform righteous deeds, otherwise life in the hereafter will end in torture and suffering.

The imams also reminded congregants that, on the day of reckoning, man will be judged according to the deeds they performed while on earth. Quoting Surah al-Jathiah, imams explained that on the day of resurrection everyone will kneel in desperation, waiting to be called. Each of them will be called to receive the record of their deeds and it will be said to them, “On this day you will be recompensed according to what you had done.”

Allah SWT has commanded the angels to record all mankind’s doings and those who were believers and who had performed righteous deeds during their lifetime will be admitted by Allah SWT into paradise while those who had lived without faith in the religion will enter hellfire.

According to the imams, those who have faith and perform righteous deeds are true believers who constantly devote themselves to Allah SWT, carrying out His injunctions, worshipping only Him while avoiding and protecting themselves from all that may bring out sin.

Meanwhile, the imams defined righteous deeds as those that are good, beneficial and useful, either for the person or for others, giving examples such as dzikir (remembrance of Allah), performing one’s duties and responsibilities towards one’s parents, the family and society, as well as having a noble attitude, helping others, and enjoining good and forbidding evil.

Prior to ending the sermon, the imams quoted a hadith in which the prophet SAW gave a man advice about time. The prophet had advised the man to grasp five things before five others – youth before old age, health before illness, leisure before work, riches before poverty and life before death.

The imams also urged congregants to take advantage of valuable opportunities while they are still alive, and not waste their life on unbeneficial acts so that they will not regret or grieve after death.

The Brunei Times