Meragang park plagued by litter

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THE deputy chairman of RPN Meragang’s Village Consultative Council (MPK) yesterday urged villagers and other visitors to be more responsible when using the local recreational park’s facilities.

Hj Sohaili Hj Mohidi said he had received reports of the park being infested with trash and that members of the MPK’s Women’s Bureau had taken the initiative to clean the area last week.

When The Brunei Times visited the park yesterday, empty bottles were strewn on the ground while trash bins located nearby were empty.

Based on the information he received, Hj Sohaili said the perpetrators could be youths from both within and outside RPN Meragang.

The problem existed even before the park was launched last year, he said, with some of the facilities already victimised by irresponsible people.

“Among what was damaged at the time were the fences, and villagers had to take their own initiative to repair them,” he said.

Other actions have also been taken regularly, including coming down for inspections and reminding those using the park to be responsible, said Hj Sohaili, but the problem remains as the authorities have yet to make a move.

He said the issue had previously been brought up with the Housing Development Department, but he has yet to receive a response.

Among the concerns he raised was the security of the park, where the main gate remains unlocked even at night without any lighting or security guard.

“When it’s like that, anyone can easily enter at night. There have been a few cases where people were caught committing immoral activities,” he said.

“Reports have also been made to the police, but I think this can at least be prevented if we can have proper lighting installed in the area, or better yet a watchman,” he added.

At the moment, however, he said the maintenance and preservation of the park rests on individual initiatives.

“While I urge the community to be more responsible and to better appreciate the park, I also hope the Housing Development Department or relevant authorities will answer my queries as soon as possible.

“At least they could invite us to a meeting, sit down with us and discuss this so we can find the best solution.”

The Brunei Times