Kg Lumut villagers earn side income from maintenance work

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KAMPUNG Lumut I’s village consultative council (MPK) is taking on small projects to maintain its community buildings and surroundings, using them as an opportunity to gradually sharpen their business acumen.

Village head of Lumut I and Belait district representative to the Legislative Council Yang Berhormat Hj Mohd Shafiee Ahmad yesterday said his MPK was one of only two councils in Belait able and interested to secure contracts with the district office to maintain their community centres or balai raya.

Traditionally, the maintenance of villages’ community centres is outsourced to private parties, but YB Hj Mohd Shafiee said MPKs could do so at a more affordable rate and use the projects to provide side income for villagers.

“We are paid $500 a month for the maintenance of the (Lumut I) balai raya – the majority which is paid back as labour wages to the villagers and the remaining kept for the MPK’s funds,” said YB Hj Mohd Shafiee.

In the long-term, securing small contracts to maintain the village’s image and safety would allow the MPK to improve its management and professional capabilities.

Lumut I’s MPK yesterday carried out its routine trimming and felling of dead trees, with the help of the Department of Electrical Services, the Public Works Department (PWD), and the Sg Liang Police Station.

YB Hj Mohd Shafiee said the initiative was another side project by the council.

“Instead of waiting for the dead trees to collapse or become a hazard to those using the roads, we seek the help of government agencies, resources of our council and get to work (clearing the trees),” he said.

Large branches and felled tree trunks were later transported to the Sg Paku landfill in Tutong.

The Brunei Times