5 Bruneian youths off to forum in Singapore

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FIVE delegates from Brunei Environmental Youth Envoys (Brunei EYE) will be participating in the ASEAN Plus Three Youth Environment Forum (AYEF) in Singapore to discuss issues on an ideal future environment with the region’s youth.

Departing from Brunei International Airport yesterday morning, the Brunei EYE delegates included Aiman Bazilah Hj Alihan, Ak Muhd Naim Syafii Pg Hj Besman, Norfirdaus Rashid and Amal Nisyyah Hj Abdul Mulok and were led by its president, Amal Afifah Hj Rusali.

Initiated in 2009 by the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe), Brunei EYE aims to nurture the younger generation to become “agents of change” in addressing the country’s green agenda.

In an interview, Amal Afifah said she supported the AYEF as an effective platform for getting youth involved in actively preserving a green environment.

“The outcome of AYEF hosted by Brunei in 2013 has been very positive, as we have successfully implemented our action plan of ‘no plastic bag weekend’.

“Most department stores have advised (customers) to bring their own bags on the weekend, and the response from the public (regarding this) has been very successful,” she said.

She went on to say that youths have great potential in being part of the country’s green movement.

“The youth make up 60 per cent of Brunei’s population, so we actually have a big role in keeping the environment clean. We can’t just keep relying on the government to do something. It should start from us, and the environment is only one thing,” she said.

Being among the ASEAN key speakers during the three-day forum, Amal Afifah will speak on waste minimisation and all the notable outreach programmes occurring in Brunei such as the objectives of Brunei EYE.

Acting Deputy Director of JASTRe Martina Hj Tamit, on hand to send off the delegates, said Brunei EYE aims to expose the youth to such international forums in order to “empower them” and make them independent to carry out environmental projects by themselves.

With the forum being hosted by Singapore this year, she said the delegates have a valuable opportunity to engage with Singaporeans on waste minimisation as they are technologically savvy in waste management.

From the forum, she said that youth from the ASEAN countries will exchange views and formulate an action plan which all countries will pledge to.

Also present to send off the delegates was Acting Director of JASTRe Hj Shaharuddin Khairul Hj Anuar.

The Brunei Times