Young leaders eager to take action

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FOUR participants of the recent Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) said it opened their eyes to issues that must be addressed so Brunei can become more prosperous.

The youth held a debriefing session yesterday at Starbucks at the Mabohai Complex to exchange their ideas and findings.

“During discussions with my peers from other ASEAN member states, most of them faced issues and problems in their countries (but we) take for granted all the privileges we have here and do not realise or see the social issues present in (Brunei),” said Mohd Izwan Shafuan Pg Md Daud

Mohd Izwan Shafuan participated in the YSEALI Academic Fellowship on Civic Engagement, which explores topics such as citizenship, community building, and economic development, among others.

“I’m hoping to create a project that can be a foundation or a shelter for impoverished children, to provide them with daily necessities or any kind of support,” said Mohd Izwan Shafuan.

Hj Abdul Azim Hj Mohd, who participated in the YSEALI Academic Fellowship on Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, said Brunei needs to rebrand itself as his peers were only able to identify the sultanate as an oil and gas rich country.

“The only ones who knew (about Brunei) were from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore but participants from other ASEAN countries did not really know about Bruneian culture and I felt that we needed to showcase our traditions and cultural identity, not just to ASEAN countries but to the whole world,” he said.

Fellow YSEALI participants Halimatul Hanisah Hj Nasir and Muhammad Firdaus Hj Ismail attended the four-day YSEALI Generation: Oceans workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, from March 16-20.

The workshop brought together 64 youth to discuss current issues in marine and coastal environments in the ASEAN region.

Halimatul Hanisah said she had gained knowledge on how to contribute and help clean up Kampong Ayer while Muhammad Firdaus said Brunei could incorporate some of the techniques introduced in the workshop such as growing sea grass at fish farms to reduce the pollution created by the farms.

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