Satisfied with HSBC’s handling of client concerns

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HSBC Brunei customers have expressed satisfaction over the bank’s handling of client concerns following the announcement of its decision to wind down operations in the sultanate.

Md Shahriman Salman, 32, has a loan agreement with the bank and is confident he would not experience any problems with it.

“It is not a problem for me because it won’t be long to go before I finish paying off my loan with the bank. I also think that it is good that they have explained the procedure to customers so that they will not panic,” he said.

“They explained to me that the bank will not be closing anytime soon but will only be scaling down its operations and will not take on any new business.”

Likewise, Durairajah, 61, said that having to transfer his money to another bank was not a big problem. However, he said he would have preferred if the procedures were smoother and less of a hassle as he had to ask for a cashier’s cheque to take out money from his HSBC account to be deposited into another bank.

Durairajah said he was unable to transfer his money online because there was a minor discrepancy in the requirements for the transfer between banks in which one required a code and the other did not.

“In the end I was charged a minor fee of $45 for having to take out the cashier’s cheque which could have been avoided if we were able to use a bank transfer,” he said.

“It is not my choice to go to another bank. I have to transfer since the bank is winding down, so since I’ve started the procedure I just wish it would have been easier, that’s all. But having to transfer to another bank is not a big thing for me and my experience of HSBC’s service has generally been very good,” he said.

In another interview, Hj Sahar Hj Bakar, 69 said that he is currently receiving his pension through an HSBC account, but it is not a problem for him to have to transfer to another bank to receive his monthly pension.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, an HSBC spokesperson said all customers’ deposits are safe and that the bank will notify customers to transfer them to an alternative bank account of their choice in due course.

For loans and facilities, he said that upon notification, customers will be required to move all their accounts and facilities and that the bank will make every effort to support customers through a smooth transition process.

The Brunei Times