‘Public has responsibility to promote healthy lifestyle’

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Efforts in health marketing to promote a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be limited to the government but is also the responsibility of the general public, said a health education officer from the Health Promotion Centre (HPC) yesterday.

Health marketing relates to all activities that aim to increase healthier behaviour or promote health-related products and services

During a workshop on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) held at Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah Institute of Health Sciences (PAPRSB IHS), Siti Munawwarah Tarif said the local community should come forward in helping the government promote health marketing.

For example, “there are lots of stakeholders that can help the government disseminate healthcare messages such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the media and radio broadcasters,” she told the IHS students.

She said the government has a lot of issues to settle compared with NGOs, as they are likely focusing on particular fields.

“For example, the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council - their focus is mainly on issues related to AIDS. They know the barriers, challenges, target audience and so on. They are the experts in the field.

“The NGOs should be more active in promoting health because they’re close to the community. By focusing on specific diseases, they can deliver the message effectively,” said Siti Munawwarah.

She added that for a small community, this can be started from the active participation of the Village Consultative Council (MPK).

“When it comes to a small or village community, they know what each other needs (in terms of health). We don’t really know specifically what the community needs and what barriers they face.”

The Brunei Times