JPD enlists public help to report smoking cars

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THE Land Transport Department (JPD) is calling on the public to inform the department with regards to vehicles emitting thick smoke and other offences on the road through their dedicated mobile number.

JPD Director Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi said it would be an advantage if the public could send photos of those committing traffic offences by showing the car registration number.

Dr Hj Supry assured that details of the car will not be shared with the public, but will be used purely for JPD’s enforcement.

“The public can WhatsApp (pictures of) any car emitting thick smoke and other offences via our dedicated number, along with the complainants name, date, time and type of offence of the road user,’’ Dr Hj Supry told The Brunei Times.

The JPD’s dedicated mobile number is 7292017.

The director said upon receipt of the complaint, JPD will issue a notice to the registered owner of the vehicle to go to the department for an inspection.

Dr Hj Supry said cars producing thick smoke affect the air quality and environment, and is also a health hazard.

He said in addition to other offences by road users, cars emitting thick smoke is of JPD’s utmost concern. Last month, he said five cars emitting thick smog on the road were reported to the department, and these cars were then called by the department for immediate inspection.

The JPD’s enforcement section also conducts joint road operations with the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), said the director. During these spot checks however, the director said it is not possible to observe cars that produce thick smog as the vehicle is stationary during the inspection.

The Brunei Times