BSJV companies simulate oil leak to improve efficiency

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BRUNEI Shell Joint Venture (BSJV) companies are currently simulating an oil leak at the Lumut-Anduki area as part of a table-top exercise designed to increase their emergency response capabilities.

The simulation, codenamed ‘Exercise Shining Shore’, will take place today at the Brunei Shell Recreation Club, after a day full of briefings yesterday.

The exercise director Major (Rtd) Alizamri Hj Abdul Latif, who is also an HSE advisor for emergency response at Brunei Shell Petroleum, said that the table-top exercise will be followed by a live exercise simulating a very similar scenario in May.

“Our main objective is to make sure of our readiness and emergency response capabilities (in the event of a disaster),” said Alizamri.

Shining shore is designed to simulate a tier 2 emergency – which Alizamri described as an incident requiring multiple agencies to mitigate and resolve.

Under the scenario, a Brunei Gas Carrier vessel loses control and hits a Brunei LNG jetty in Lumut, with the impact causing an oil spill.

Since environmental damage is a risk, government agencies together with the stakeholders have to operate in tandem under the District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC).

“The live deployment will be at Anduki’s mangroves, a very environmentally sensitive area that needs protection,” he said, also noting that those potentially affected by an oil spill, such as fishermen, would be incorporated as well.

The acting head of DEOC, the Assistant Belait District Officer Hasmiron Hj Mohd Taib said the exercise would allow for the refining of response systems, through trial and error.

“If this event were to really take place and were not handled effectively, it would negatively affect all affected parties and the nation and its image.

“That is why prioritising efficiency and effectiveness are of utmost importance to make sure we (DEOC) can succeed at the task at hand,” he said.

Alizamri added that BSJV typically hosts tier 2 exercises once every two years, with smaller exercises held every three months.

The Brunei Times