Eight Belait eateries awarded grade A for hygiene, safety

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ALL eight of Sentral Shopping Centre’s (KBSentral) eateries evaluated for cleanliness under this year’s first phase received the A grade from the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board yesterday.

Kuala Belait’s Burger King and Kaizen Sushi as well as Seria’s Sugarbun also received the A grade, while the remaining eatery, Gohan Sushi, received a B.

Chairman of the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board Hj Ali Matyassin said KBSentral had set a high standard for eateries in the area, which will ultimately help the district’s image as food destination that places a high priority on cleanliness.

Hj Ali said restaurant managers have shown a willingness to take on and follow closely the suggestions made by the inspection panel, indicating a “mindset change” towards cleanliness.

General Manager of KBSentral Abby Lim said the inspections by the health department were especially thorough, with the mall’s communal public toilets also examined.

“Achieving these grades will help increase customer confidence (regardless) of what outlet they are dining at in the mall,” she said.

According to outlet managers, the inspections centred on personal hygiene and the preparation and storage of food.

“The grading and inspection were very thorough. If nails (of those preparing food) were too long, or facial hair (that is too long) there would be a deduction,” said Manager of Belait’s Freshco Group of Restaraunts Allan Cabangon.

Cabangon attributes the group’s first achievement of A grades to employing a systematic preventive approach to food safety – called hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

“HACCP looks at the production process, and looks at what can cause the product to be unsafe, and then designs to reduce these risks,” said Cabangon.

“We aimed for the highest grade, so that when the customer comes in, they don’t have a doubt about the safety or cleanliness of the food served.”

Frescho’s group of companies at KBSentral that were awarded yesterday were Sushi Tei, Pastamania, Waroeng Penyet, All Seasons, I Love Yoo and Killiney.

Sugarbun and Delifrance at KBSentral also received A grades.

A total of 27 more eateries are currently being graded under the second phase, which will be completed by April 2016.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs Hj Muhd Sunadi Hj Buntar presented the grading certificates to the 12 eateries.

The Brunei Times