Car catches fire opposite Police HQ

National 1 minute, 28 seconds


A LOCAL man and his three children were unharmed after the minivan they were travelling in caught fire near the police headquarters in Gadong yesterday.

The owner of the white Nissan Grand Livina, Zefrin Hj Patra, said that there had been no warning given by the vehicle’s indicators prior to the vehicle going up in flames.

“I was on the way home after fetching my children from school when the car engine suddenly died even though the dashboard did not indicate any problems with the car, including the car temperature,” the former army personnel said.

“I saw that there was a bit of smoke coming from the engine bay but I thought that it was just steam so I proceeded to first walk my children to the Land Transport Department building across the road so that they would be sheltered from the hot weather,” he said.

He then intended to return to his car but when he turned around, the engine bay was already in flames.

“I am unsure what happened to my car but the hot and dry spell that the country is currently facing possibly exacerbated the extent of the fire as well,” he said.

Fire investigators on scene believed that the fire was caused by faulty wiring between the car air-conditioning unit and the fuse box housed in the engine bay.

The fire and rescue department said that they received the emergency call at 12.36pm yesterday.

Shortly after, eight firefighters and two fire engines dispatched from the Berakas fire station arrived at the scene and put out the huge flames within three minutes.

The fire, which completely destroyed the car, is estimated to have cost over $18,000 in damages.

No injuries or deaths were reported.

The Brunei Times