UBD’s alumni office to connect with graduates

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam’s Office of Alumni Relations and Advancement (OARA) is looking to expand its services to improve its engagement with past graduates.

According to OARA, one of the reasons for the expansion of services is to gather more data on the whereabouts of UBD alumni after they have graduated.

“We are aiming for an 80 to 90 per cent response rate, then we can produce a sufficient analysis (on the employability of UBD graduates). That is our main challenge, to get that response. Last year, we didn’t get enough response,” said Mohammad Arif Sablee.

In an interview, he said one of the problems they faced was difficulties getting in touch with past graduates, particularly those who have found employment.

To address the issue, Mohammad Arif Sablee said OARA is designing a website and mobile app to better connect and re-engage with alumni regarding updates on events that can benefit the alumni such as career fairs.

“What we are trying to do is to re-engage with them and their interests so that we can collaborate and build this alumni community,” said OARA Project Officer Dk Nurul Aqilah Pg Masuni.

She added that they are developing an Alumni Loyalty Programme to attract and cater to the different interests, background and aspirations of graduates.

“We are in the works of developing the Alumni Loyalty Programme. One of the main objectives of this programme is to give alumni a platform to be able to contribute donations in terms of time, talent and knowledge,” she said.

She added that OARA is also collaborating with government agencies and the private sector.

“Apart from that, we do encourage alumni to engage with us and contribute their talents and knowledge through sharing sessions. They could actually share this with our current students or even alumni,” said Dk Nurul Aqilah.

The Brunei Times