Opening of Meragang flyover ends traffic woes

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RESIDENTS of Kampung Meragang National Housing Scheme (RPN) and Kampung Kapok expressed the completion of the flyover at the junction between the Muara-Tutong Highway and Jln Tanjung Sunting has helped ease traffic congestion.

Deputy Chairman of the Village Consultative Council (MPK) RPN Kampung Meragang Hj Sohaili Hj Mohidi said the completion of the bridge has been beneficial to residents of RPN Kampung Meragang and Kampung Kapok including other road users.

“The flyover and installation of traffic lights will not only improve road safety and ease traffic congestion but also improve the discipline of road users.”

Hj Sohaili hopes the completion will also reduce the number of car accidents.

He urged road users not to rush and to drive safely and carefully.

“The construction of the flyover and traffic lights weren’t cheap therefore I would like to remind residents as well as other users to use the facilities provided with care.”

A Meragang resident, Bujang Ahmad, said he has been anticipating the completion of the flyover with hopes that it will help ease traffic congestion.

“The bridge was opened during the school holidays and I noticed that traffic flow was a lot smoother even though there weren’t that many cars compared to school days.”

“When I was sending my children to the Meragang Sixth Form Centre (PTEM) today, I believe it certainly did ease traffic congestion.”

The retired civil servant said the flyover and installment of traffic lights under the bridge will also save time.

“Before the completion, several parents including myself found that it takes longer because there are so many cars coming from different directions (to use the highway).”

Bujang said previously he found cars coming in from all directions to be distracting.

“But today, I personally didn’t feel that and the traffic was flowing quite smoothly.”

Meanwhile, Adhalina Kamilah who lives near the flyover and PTEM, said it is now easier for her to commute to work since the completion.

“There’s this small road that leads to either the bridge or towards PTEM. Before the flyover was completed, I had to be careful as there were so many cars and I always wasn’t given way.”

“Because of that, I’ve had to wake up extra early just to beat the traffic. Now that it’s completed, I don’t have to be up as early as 5am.”

RPN Kampung Meragang resident Shahfizul Momin gave similar comments when asked about the installation.

“There has indeed been less traffic so commuting to work has been peaceful ever since the completion of the flyover.

“It has definitely improved road safety as well. People seem to be driving more carefully and aren’t in a rush to get to places.”

Shahfizul said the installation of traffic lights was also timely and useful to avoid any accidents from occurring.

“I haven’t gone through that road since it just started operating today, but I’m sure it has made it easier for residents as well as other users.”

The flyover, which costs $21.8 million, began construction in July 2014 to improve road safety and ease traffic congestion around the Meragang National Housing Scheme area.

The Brunei Times