Effects of Telisai-Lumut Highway ‘minimal’ on businesses

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BUSINESSES in Mukim Telisai will remain resilient despite the imminent completion of the Telisai-Lumut highway that threatens to divert customer traffic away from the area.

Penghulu of Mukim Telisai Yang Berhormat Hj Ramli Hj Lahit believes that the highway will not adversely affect the businesses’ profits.

YB Hj Ramli, who is also a Legislative Council member, was responding to concerns that business will take a downturn as motorists heading towards Miri or Kuala Belait will bypass the area.

It was previously reported that shops and restaurants in Telisai were waiting to see the impact the Telisai-Lumut highway would have on their businesses once it is completed.

YB Hj Ramli said: “In my view, businesses including Restoran Haji KK Koya will not be adversely affected. The side effects, if any, will be minimal as a lot of the traffic during rush hour is coming from workers in Sg Liang, Seria or Lumut who rarely stop by the shops anyway on their daily commute.”

The highway, which costs $138 million, is nearing completion with the Brunei Economic Development Board previously stating in March 2015 that the highway will be completed by this month.

Once completed, the 18.6-kilometre-long highway will bring its road users around Telisai on the journey to Belait and beyond.

The penghulu said a lot of the customers in the area consist of local residents, drivers travelling leisurely through Telisai as well as people heading to Miri who wish to stop by for a break, especially at the renowned Restoran Haji KK Koya.

YB Hj Ramli added that travellers will inevitably stop by Telisai as there are no other shops or restaurants in sight along the length of the Telisai-Lumut highway, which meant that travellers on a long-distance journey will have to take a break in Telisai before heading across the border.

Hj Ramli said the opening of the new highway will bring more good than bad for the development of the nation.

“With the new highway, traffic congestion along Jln Telisai will be alleviated as daily commuters will no longer have to pass through the narrow road and allow them to arrive to and from work on time.

“It will also increase trade and industry within the country as the transportation of goods will be made more efficient, perhaps allowing faster and more frequent trips by lorries and trailers,” he continued.

Hj Ramli added that citizens must extend their gratitude to the government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam for the grant of such facilities for the country to continue its development.

The Brunei Times