The Brunei Times files police report

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THE management of The Brunei Times yesterday lodged a police report on the spread of false information regarding the closure of Madang Religious School in the Brunei-Muara district due to structural safety issues attributed to this paper.

The Brunei Times would like to clarify that no such article was published either in its print or online editions. The Brunei Times would also like its readers to know that it is in no way responsible for the doctored image file and its content.

Madang Religious School’s headmistress, Mirna Nuryana Suhaili said that on Saturday (April 2), an image of the news story was circulated on social media. The news was supposedly published by this paper’s website with an apparently ‘photoshopped’ headline and edited content.

The headmistress said she first received the message from one of her staff at 11.06pm on Saturday. The matter had also been brought up to the Islamic Studies Department.

A spokesperson for the paper said, “We will not hesitate to take serious action against those who use the paper’s name to sow misinformation.

The police has been notified and will conduct their investigation.”

According to the law, the spreading of false information which could disrupt public order is an offence punishable under chapter 148, section 34 of the Public Order carrying a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment and a fine of $3,000.

The Brunei Times