Temburong to host health retreats

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SUMBILING Eco Village is planning to offer personalised health retreats in partnership with Raw Food Asia as more people from around the world head to Brunei’s lush rainforests to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Leslie Chiang, manager of the popular nature lodge nestled in scenic Temburong, said there has been rising interest for health-focused getaways dedicated to offering relaxation and rejuvenation.

He said these activities were previously organised as one-off events, but now visitors keen to reconnect with nature will soon be able to make bookings throughout the year for health retreats that are customised to their needs.

While the retreats will vary according to length of stay and individual preferences, all guests will experience eating raw food comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

“We will take them on a nature trail to collect organic fruits and vegetables that are found in Temburong’s rainforest, and then we show them how to prepare it without cooking. It can be eaten raw, and that’s healthy,” said Chiang.

The move to collaborate with Raw Food Asia, a raw food movement in the region, was a natural decision for Sumbiling Eco Village as many of its international guests practice the diet.

However, the eco-tourism destination has also seen increasing demand for health retreats among locals in recent years, a trend which Raw Food Asia founder Mewsum Wong attributes to a more health-conscious society battling against high rates of cancer and chronic diseases.

“People are tired of being sick and tired. We want to help these people get their health back and cure their ailments by living a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

Since she started the movement three years ago, numerous people practising the raw food diet, including well-known fruitarian Dr Robert Lockhart, have visited the sultanate to experience the pristine rainforests of Temburong.

Besides bearing exotic fruits, Wong added they were also drawn to the excellent air quality in the country’s eastern-most district.

“We’ve got a lot of interest from all around the world asking us about the beauty and mystique of Brunei. People want to get away from where they are and come to experience nature firsthand...This kind of tourism is good. These people respect the jungles,” she said.

Josh Parry, an Australian who has been staying at the Sumbiling Eco Village for a month, counts himself among the growing number of tourists impressed by Brunei’s rainforests.

“In other countries, people would pay money to listen to the sounds of nature on a recording and fly to faraway places to breathe clean air, but you have all that here. I would highly recommend this place to others,” said the 20-year-old fruitarian.

The Brunei Times