Share a smile by donating books, toys

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GIVING back to underprivileged children and putting a smile on their faces is one of the main aims of the ShareASmilebn donation drive.

Organiser of ShareASmilebn, Naqib Adnan, said the drive started last year in October to collect books and toys to be donated to underprivileged children.

“The idea is simply to provide children with additional options for learning and playing. I had a great childhood and thought what can I do to try and let others do the same?”

He added: “There are a quite a number of charities around and I wanted to get involved but because of my work schedule, I had to find something more manageable so I organised ShareASmilebn as my way of giving back.”

ShareASmilebn has also been in contact with relevant authorities namely the Department of Community Development (JAPEM) under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MYCS) to ask about the procedures.

“I registered with them as a volunteer and I’ll also be working with them at a later stage.”

According to Naqib, once they have collected the donations, JAPEM will offer support by calling for volunteers to filter through the donations.

The underprivileged children will be identified and managed by JAPEM once there is a considerable amount of donations, he said.

“It is gradually progressing as we’ve had some really good and relevant donations for the children, but we definitely need more people to donate for this to be successful.”

Members of the public have donated educational and fictional books along with school bags, practical toys and stuffed toys.

“The project was initially supposed to be just for three months but we didn’t get the huge response we wanted so we are extending deadlines for now.”

ShareASmilebn has received boxes of donations since the drive started and hopes more people will come forward to donate.

“This isn’t a new idea and there are similar organisations everywhere. ShareASmilebn is just providing a service. So, if you think there’s better use for the toys and books you have at home, then we will, with the help of JAPEM, hopefully put a smile on a child’s face.”

Members of the public who wish to donate can do so by dropping off toys and books at Ximply Chriz Café or Piccolo Café.

Before dropping off donations, the public can contact ShareASmilebn at 8903832 or call to arrange for collection.

The Brunei Times