New Dateland eyes tie-ups for healthy drinks

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A BRUNEI-Philippine joint venture beverage company is keen on collaborating with government agencies to promote healthier beverage and food options to Bruneian consumers.

Pg Yura Kesteria PSN Pg Hj Md Yusuf, general manager of New Dateland Sdn Bhd, said the company has plans to partner with health agencies.

The company recently unveiled plans to launch a cola drink sweetened with dates.

In a recent interview, Pg Yura said the government spends millions on dialysis and medications for Bruneians.

He said offering healthier options for customers such as diabetics would help the government save on health expenses.

According to a report from the Ministry of Health, the number of end-stage kidney disease patients in Brunei rose to 698 in 2014 from 620 in 2012. The report said the government spent $15.1 million on dialysis in 2014 and $8 million on medication costs.

“We might consider working with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism and GHANIM International Food Corporation Sdn Bhd in providing better and healthier products for Bruneians,” he said.

He said the need for a healthy diet requires a “whole nation” approach involving efforts from the public and private sectors.

New Dateland, which plans to market its Premium Datecola and Natural Datecola drink sometime in June or July this year, also intends to produce more date-based beverages.

“There’s potential growth in the market for date fruits, and we plan to feature more date-integrated drinks and food such as date-lime, date-pineapple and date-coconut drinks in the future,” he said.

The Brunei Times