NGO to promote environmental issues through exhibition

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THE non-governmental organisation Green Brunei will be exhibiting the works of students to promote environment issues later this month.

Over 20 schools have confirmed their participation in the Waste 2 Art exhibition that will feature three categories – colouring, drawing and sculpting – on April 17.

In a statement issued yesterday, Green Brunei said the exhibition aimed to promote public awareness on improper waste management and the degradation of the environment.

It is also to encourage youth to take on initiatives in cleaning campaigns, take better care of the environment and to practise the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) on a daily basis.

Project Manager Mohd Norazwan Hj Mohd Anarul Adelluddin said he was inspired to organise such an event because this kind of exhibition has already been introduced in many countries globally.

“Promoting this alternative way to recycle and manage waste can diversify the practices used in schools, homes and even shops,” he said.

He said the exhibition serves to promote ongoing awareness on recycling and waste management, but with a touch of creativity and fun.

The exhibition, themed “We Are The Greener Generation”, will also showcase the work of NGOs while food and lifestyle vendors will sell their products.

The exhibition will take place from 9am to 3.30pm at Freshco in Batu Satu.

The Brunei Times