‘Maritime history app can aid tourism’

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THE Brunei Shipwreck app has the potential to boost the country’s tourism and draw worldwide attention to the country’s history, said the general manager of Total E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV.

In an interview with The Brunei Times during the recent launch of the new tablet app and education pack about the country’s maritime past, Yves Grosjean said the app can highlight Brunei’s maritime history.

“I hope this app will be used in the years to come, and I hope there will be many Bruneians and non-Bruneians learning about Brunei’s past by going through the app. I also hope many people around the world will learn about the rich history of Brunei,” he said.

Grosjean said The Brunei Shipwreck app is a re-edition of its book published in 2000 and targets lower secondary students with an immersive learning experience and creates opportunities for cross-disciplinary class activities.

The app and education pack promote the accidental discovery of a 15th century shipwreck off the coast of Brunei 19 years ago.

The app, which is free, includes videos and quizzes and is available on the Google Playstore and iTunes. The education pack includes The Brunei Shipwreck book, teacher’s resource manual, PDF version of the book, resource manual in a USB key and DVD that will be distributed to selected schools across the sultanate.

Total E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV decided to bring the book to life by introducing it on an app, making it accessible to everyone in a bid to safeguard Brunei’s history.

“It was initially targeted at students. But when we saw the quality of the work that had been done, we definitely thought it would be a pity if it was just left aside in its old paper form and not re-edited.

“We were told by Pehin Lim (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade II) to reconsider what we could do with that. The initial idea was a simple re-edition (of the book), and we came up with this proposal of using digital media to make it lively and much more widely available and to make sure that it won’t just die somewhere,” he said.

Sponsored by the French energy firm, The Brunei Shipwreck app cost $31,000 to produce and includes special features such as educational videos and quizzes.

Grosjean said the re-edition of the book and the digital application is one of Total E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV and its partner’s initiatives in preserving an important part of Bruneian history.

The Brunei Times