Hazy conditions continue

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BRUNEI experienced hazy conditions yesterday with forest fires continuing to affect the country, according to the Fire and Rescue Department.

Tutong had the highest Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) reading of 53 yesterday.

Air quality that is within the range of 0 to 49 is labelled “good”.

Brunei-Muara had a PSI reading of 42, Belait with 38, and Temburong with 16, the Fire and Rescue Department said.

However, PSI readings at 9am were higher for Temburong and Tutong with readings of 24 and 55 respectively. PSI readings from 50 and to 99 are moderate.

A weather forecaster from the Meteorological Department said it was difficult to predict when the haze condition in Brunei will dissipate as it is affected by other factors.

The Brunei Times