Public invited to participate in bus design competition

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) yesterday invited members of the public to participate in a public bus design competition, organised as part of the department’s public transport transformation project.

The competition, which is open to citizens and permanent residents of Brunei, will run until 3pm on May 2.

First-place winners will win $1,500 while second and third place winners will receive $1,000 and $500 respectively.

In a statement, LTD said all designs must be original and that participants were allowed to submit more than one design, but descriptions of designs and colours used must be attached separately.

LTD also said all designs had to be “simple and contemporary”, “carry Bruneian characteristics” and not be opposed to the country’s Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) concept, as well as the country’s vision of being a Zikir Nation.

Numbers have to be written as digitals (e.g: “08”) and designs must not comprise more than four colours (excluding black and white), LTD said.

Designs must be printed on the body on the vehicle only and not on any of the vehicle’s mirrors, the department added.

The department specified that a design must be submitted in both softcopy and hardcopy forms: as a JPEG, TIFF or PNG digital file in a DVD, and on a piece of A3 paper (in the landscape format) placed on a black mounting board with a surrounding one-inch border.

All submitted designs will become the property of the department, and the department reserves the right to change or add to winning designs if required, LTD said.

Designs will be judged according to votes by a designated panel of judges, as well as the public through social media.

Application forms for the competition can be obtained from the LTD headquarters in Beribi, which is also where applicants will have to submit their designs and completed forms to.

Those with enquiries relevant to the bus design competition can contact LTD officers Hj Joharry Hj Abdul Karim at 8770352 or Muhammad Fauzi Kamis at 8763129.

The Brunei Times