‘Preventing transgression can safeguard society’

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IMAMS across the sultanate yesterday reminded Muslims not to violate the norms of society as such actions can affect the community’s peace and harmony.

In the Friday sermon, imams said transgressions can’t be taken lightly as they could cause trouble to the community.

“When disobedience and transgressions are so often seen and heard, they become accepted as something common and insignificant.

“We must realise that when transgressions happen openly in a society, the situation will become exacerbated and such transgressions will become rampant if nobody is making any effort to prevent them,” it added.

The sermon said it is an obligation for every Muslim to reject transgression in their heart because no one is able to stop another person from embracing disobedience.

“This is what we need to realise and change because every transgression can lead to sin, and every sin will bring the wrath of Allah.

“This will possibly bring forth punishment from Him in the form of misfortunes and calamities that will befall not just the transgressors but all those living in the same place, although they may not have committed the transgressions,” said imams.

The sermon further said that Islam does not merely enjoin its followers to perform worship but exhorts them to protect the interests and well-being of others and to live in harmony with each other so as to build a strong and united brotherhood of cooperation and mutual help.

To be effective in preventing transgression, imams said it is necessary to consider adopting some methods.

“One of which is to reproach wisely and patiently and not to give up hope because the person who tries to prevent transgression will very likely face various negative behaviour such as obstinacy, anger and criticism,” added the imams.

Islam also teaches its followers to advise one another, which may be achieved through the practice of ‘amr ma’ruf nahi munkar’ (calling to good and forbidding evil).

Imams said practicing good behaviour means always being on the right path and following the teachings of Islam.

The Brunei Times