Jerudong food stall catches on fire

National 0 minutes, 43 seconds


A KITCHEN fire broke out at one of the food stalls at the Jerudong Park Food Court yesterday.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department, they received a call at 3.36am, before the Jerudong Fire Station dispatched 11 firefighters and two fire trucks to the scene.

The fire was brought under control in two minutes, and the source was determined to be from leftover fire embers that had not been put out properly.

The estimated cost of losses incurred from the fire is still being investigated, the department said.

Meanwhile, three forest fires and a bush fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the Tutong District.

According to the officer, reports regarding the fires were received by the Tutong fire station, Lamunin fire station and Bukit Beruang fire station.

All the fires have been extinguished but the causes are still being investigated.

The Brunei Times