Filipino women convert to Islam

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TWO Filipino women embraced Islam in separate conversion ceremonies yesterday after being inspired by its way of life.

Rodalyn Martinez Tagala, 28, now known as Farah Lyn Tagala Abdullah, has been living in Brunei for three years and is employed as a domestic worker.

Farah Lyn said she converted to Islam on her own accord, adding that she was happy because she felt welcomed in Islam.

The conversion ceremony took place at the residence of Hj Samat Hj Abas, who is Farah Lyn’s employer, in Kg Mabohai.

In another ceremony at the residence of Warrant Officer I Rohsan Maidin at RPN Kg Tanah Jambu, Philippine national Mercedita Bucad Tubeo took the name Nur Dayana Qistina Abdullah after declaring her faith in Islam.

Nur Dayana, who has been living in Brunei for six months, said she was moved after seeing how prayers were performed and the modest dress code of women in the sultanate.

She said her aunt, also a convert, was also one of the reasons she decided to embrace Islam.

The 21-year-old said she was happy before she converted but is now looking forward to even more happiness.

According to the Islamic Da’wah Centre, 88 people converted to Islam from January to February this year. A total of 513 people embraced Islam last year.

The Brunei Times