Brunei expecting thundershowers during April and May

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BRUNEI will be expecting thundershowers over April and May with the El Nino phenomenon currently weakening, said the Meteorological Department yesterday.

Duty forecaster Harnina Moraini said the thundershowers are expected to occur in the evenings over inland areas.

While more rain will fall during the evenings, she said dry weather conditions will still persist during the day as the El Nino is not over even though it is showing signs of weaknening.

Asked about current haze conditions that are visibly apparent in the capital, she said it is still slightly hazy.

This is due to forest fires as a result of the dry weather.

The department advised the public to continue checking the latest weather updates by contacting the on-duty meteorological forecaster at the Brunei Forecast Centre, through Weather Line 114, or visit the website at or follow the Facebook page (bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application.

The Brunei Times