Proper Islamic etiquettes can safeguard halal standards

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EQUIPPING Brunei’s youth with more knowledge on proper Islamic etiquettes in slaughtering animals for food can help the country sustain its status as a nation that is strict in its halal certification standards.

Head Imam of Masjid Kg Salambigar Hj Abd Halim Hj Bungsu said this was important to have more knowledgable people manage the halal certifications issued.

He said that Brunei’s strict standards have made the sultanate a respected international figure in the halal food industry, sparking confidence from other Muslim countries on Brunei’s food products.

“A lot of countries are also looking to get Brunei’s halal logo for some of their food products, so having more Bruneians involved in the procedures of granting the certification may certainly enhance the quality of our standards,” he said.

“What is important however is for them to know what exactly is required by Islam to properly slaughter animals for food. With this knowledge, hopefully they will also be interested in carrying it out individually as an act of worship,” he said.

Hj Abd Halim was speaking on the sidelines of a basic animal slaughtering course at Masjid Kg Salambigar yesterday.

The course hopes to expose youth to Islamic slaughtering procedures so they may be able to do it on their own.

The course, he said, was the second of its kind. The first one was held around a decade ago.

“The concept, however, is still the same... that is to give the opportunity to youth and regular congregants of the mosque to learn the proper way of slaughtering animals for food,” he said.

“We only chose those who reside within Zone II of the Brunei-Muara district as the mosque may not be able to accommodate larger participation,” he said.

Around 60 people turned up for the course.

There were also demonstrations on the proper slaughtering of chickens by officials from the Halal Food Control Division under the Syariah Affairs Department.

The next course, he said, may be held in five to six years but the mosque committee is also looking to provide demonstrations on slaughtering cows and buffaloes if they are able to get financial sponsors.

“We are also hoping that this programme can be continued from time to time,” he said.

“What is important is that, at the very least, all participants would have an idea on how to properly slaughter animals for food, in accordance to the Islamic guidelines,” he said.

The Brunei Times