Muslims urged to slaughter animals correctly

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THOSE who slaughter animals for food must ensure that they cut the veins in one stroke, a Ministry of Religious Affairs officer reminded.

According to Enforcement Officer from the Halal Food Control Division Mohd Azrin Hj Jaidi, failure to do so will result in the meat being unclean for consumption.

He noted that the most common mistake by inexperienced slaughterers was failing to cut the animal’s main arteries and its trachea in a single stroke.

He said this was usually due to the inadequate understanding on proper Islamic etiquettes of slaughtering.

Besides holding down the animals and locating the right veins, the slaughter should not be done in a manner that would make the animals suffer,” he said while demonstrating on a chicken.

This includes the widespread practice where people would usually pluck the feathers around the chicken’s neck to allow for better view but may cause hurt to the animal, he explained.

The neck, he explained, must be stretched so people can identify where the veins are located. A knife is then placed on the veins and should be cut in one single stroke.

He stressed that the knife must not be lifted from the chicken’s neck after the first cut. Failure to cut the veins before lifting up the knife would result in the meat being inedible in accordance to Islamic laws as it is now considered a carcass.

Islam, he said, prohibits its people from eating carcasses as it is unclean.

When a person has failed in the slaughtering procedure, the animals can either be buried or fed to other animals, including crocodiles, he said.

The Halal Food Control Division is willing to provide guidance and teach those who are interested in the proper ways of slaughtering in Islam, he said.

“For government departments, they could perhaps write a letter to us in advance if they wish to arrange for courses. For members of the public, they can go directly to us and perhaps we can see what we can do to help them,” he added.

“Once they know the techniques, through practice and theories, InsyaAllah, they can do slaughtering correctly and swiftly,” said the officer.

“It is also our hope that more Bruneians will take an interest in this and know the proper etiquettes of slaughtering animals in Islam,” he said.

The Brunei Times