LTD to open tenders for car licence numbers

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) recently announced that vehicle registration numbers BAS 100 to 9999, including golden and silver numbers 1000 to 3999, are open for tender beginning tomorrow.

Tenders will also be open for vehicle registration numbers BAQ 1 to 99 and reopened for specific two-digit registration numbers under the BAN and BAP series.

The LTD said tenders for the registration numbers will be open until 11am on April 20.

Tenders for one or two-digit registration numbers must not be below $2,000, while tenders for three or four-digit registration numbers must not be below $100.

All tenders must be made using the A1 forms which can be obtained during office hours from the LTD headquarters on Jln Beribi or the department’s Belait branch.

Applicants are reminded to complete the forms accurately and to put them into labelled envelopes along with copies of their identity cards, driving licences, as well as payment receipts of $25 for each registration series.

Envelopes must be placed in the tender boxes located on the ground floor of the JPD headquarters or in the Belait branch before April 20.

Members of the public with any enquiries can visit Counter 15 at the LTD headquarters in Beribi or Counter 5 at the LTD Belait Branch. They can also contact 2452302 during office hours or email

The Brunei Times