IBTE CET churn out breadwinners

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THE Continuing Education and Training Division of Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE CET) encourages its students to venture into foodpreneurship as one of the institution’s initiatives to help students diversify their sources of income.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, head of the cooking course, Rosinah Md Ariff said that the cooking course offered at the institution can assist students to start their own food business as majority of them are women retirees and housewives.

“The (cooking) course not only enhanced their culinary skills and capabilities, it also enables them to get side income by partaking in the local food scene,” she said.

She went on to say that in one class, students can learn up to three recipes that are provided by the IBTE CET in collaboration with the course’s instructors.

After mastering these recipes, students are encouraged to start their own business and sell these foods to earn extra money, she added.

“Some of them start small businesses by sending their food to nearby shops, stalls or even at Tamu, while some usually take customers’ orders for events and functions,” said Rosinah.

Hjh Wizana Hj Harunarashid, an instructor of the cooking course highlights the benefits of the cooking course in helping the students to be more proactive in improving and diversifying their cooking skills.

“I teach the students all types of cooking and baking food ranging from Western and Asian cuisines to local delicacies and desserts such as traditional Malay kuih or cakes,” she said.

Working for more than three years at the institution, she said that the wisdom and knowledge she shared throughout the years were worth it when seeing the fruitful outcomes of her students becoming foodpreneurs.

Pg Hjh Norsinah Pg Hj Osman told The Brunei Times that she has been taking the course for nine years at IBTE CET in which the knowledge she learned from the course has become her ‘mata pencarian’ since her retirement in 2008.

Alhamdulilah, I managed to start small businesses by making and selling kueh-kueh such as seri muka, talam ubi, kelupis, kueh linggang, and kueh rangin at cube shops, which I earn roughly around $600-700 monthly from,” said the 64 year old.

“I used to take private cooking classes outside (before joining IBTE CET) but it costs around $200-300 for just a few days of classes in comparison to the course IBTE CET offers which costs only $10 per year,” added the retired primary school teacher.

Another student who joined the course since 2012, Norbanun Hj Md Said, 55, said that even though she comes all the way from Tutong to attend the classes at the institution, they are all ‘worth it’.

She stressed how her “zero knowledge” on cooking and food have vastly improved since she enlisted to the course in which she is currently selling local desserts with kuih bom being her signature dish. Hjh Latifah Hj Omar, 57, another senior student told The Brunei Times that she also ventures in food business as she sends her food to stalls nearby her place of living.

She went on to say that what she has gathered from her lessons at IBTE CET throughout the years, she also uses to teach her close friends and relatives in private cooking classes.

“What I learn from the school (IBTE CET), I teach them to others. This is another way that this course has enabled me to make money on the side as well,” she added.

The Brunei Times