Datecola: A drink sweetened with dates

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A BRUNEI-Philippine joint venture company is looking to launch its cola drink, sweetened with dates, in June or July to cater to the needs of health conscious Bruneians, its company senior official said.

New Dateland Sdn Bhd General Manager Pg Yura Kesteria PSN Pg Hj Md Yusuf said the company plans to market its Premium Datecola and Natural Datecola drink to promote healthier alternatives.

He said the drink derives its sweetness from Saudi Arabian dates without the addition of any other sweeteners making the drink ideal for consumption by health conscious individuals.

After the release of the product, Pg Yura, who is also the executive chairman of BIMP-EAGA Business Council, said the company is planning to establish a factory in Brunei to manufacture the drink and get halal certification.

“We are looking to distribute the drink to Brunei (and other countries), our goal is also to set up the factory here in Brunei as well because we want the Brunei Halal certification as this is very important,” he said.

The company also has plans to sell the cola drink to ASEAN countries particularly Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, he added.

The company will act as the sole distributor for Brunei, according to the official, who said the drink has a shelf-life of nine months.

Pg Yura said the manufacturing of the drink is funded by a company in Dubai and is jointly developed by German research firm Dohler.

The funding came after previous attempts in Brunei Darussalam and the Philippines proved unsuccessful.

“In the beginning we were trying to search for funding in order to develop this cola, we went here and there in Brunei, the Philippines and elsewhere but we couldn’t find (investors), this was the challenge,” he said.

“Eventually we met with a group in Dubai and they agreed to fund and produce our product over there (Dubai),” he said.

He said the company is also in the process of negotiating the licensing agreement for the product for export in markets beyond ASEAN.

“We see this as an opportunity to promote healthier options to Bruneians,” he said

Samples of Datecola will arrive from Dubai this Sunday so Bruneians can have a taste of the beverage, he added.

The Brunei Times