Beekeepers use honey to attract tourists

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THE meliponiculture industry in Brunei Darussalam has the potential to contribute towards the country’s tourism industry, said a Legislative Council member.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Yang Berhormat Hj Tahamid Hj Nudin said that there is a rising trend of Bruneians taking up rearing stingless bees for honey production.

He said that local beekeepers should follow the examples of the meliponiculture industry in neighbouring countries, especially in Malaysia.

“In Malaysia, you see these big meliponiculture farms spanning hectares that offer more than just honey, these farms would also have other activities including home stays,” he said.

He added that the meliponiculture farms also function as recreational areas where visitors can observe beehives found in the farm and also have access to products from stingless bees other than honey.

“There is a lot of potential when it comes to stingless bees besides honey, in fact the products that can be made from the bees’ propolis can be more valuable,” said YB Hj Tahamid.

Propolis is made from resinous material in flowers and leaf buds of various plants that are chewed by bees and mixed with its own wax and enzymes to make glue that’s used to line the entrance and the interior of the hive.

He said that the types of products that can be made from the propolis include skin care and medicinal products which he added are more valuable.

YB Hj Tahamid went on to say that it would be a good initiative for the government to be involved in the growth of the meliponiculture industry, as one of the primary resources in the country.

“I’m sure if the government would help to develop the industry (meliponiculture) like what they are doing with the agriculture industry (then) it will be very beneficial for the country,” he said.

“With government intervention, tourism sites in the country can increase with the establishment of meliponiculture farms and the stingless bees’ products can also become one of the country’s exports,” he added. 

The Brunei Times