2 Bruneians head to Vietnam to fight poverty

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TWO Bruneian delegates departed Brunei International Airport yesterday to attend the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Youth Week in Vietnam to interact with other international representatives on issues of battling global poverty. 

Held in Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi, the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) student and Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports (MCYS) officer will be engaged in a youth conference and political simulation exercise of the actual ASEM summit.

 “During the eight-day programme, representatives from different countries will give a three-minute speech on their country’s efforts in combating poverty,” said UBD undergraduate Najihah Kamilah Hj Md Rosellan.

 “According to my research, since 2008, the Brunei government has allocated $72 million for the underprivileged in Brunei. (To minimise large expenses) the government is trying to change the mindset of the people so they don’t depend on the government too much,” the 24-year-old said.

Referring to Vision 2035, she said His Majesty has guided us in a direction to have highly skilled and educated persons as well as to produce youths who have a business mindset for a sustainable economy.

 Heading the two person delegation, Youth and Sports Assistant Chief Officer, Fakhirah Dato Seri Setia Hj Lamit who will be delivering the speech during the ASEM Youth Week said this is a valuable opportunity for her as she will be able to exchange experiences and knowledge in tackling poverty with other countries.

“Through the interactions with youths from other countries, Brunei can learn about efforts that are being made globally.

“During my speech, I will also get to share Brunei’s efforts in battling poverty which is to push our youth into an entrepreneurial direction so they can become more self-sufficient,” the 32-year-old said.

 On hand to send the delegates off, Youth and Sports Assistant Chief Officer, Faisal Yunus said that ASEM Youth Week is a very big and important international platform.

 “With the theme being “Stronger Actions to Address Zero Hunger Challenge”, I hope that the Bruneian delegates will take back with them what they learnt from other countries and apply them here in Brunei if and wherever it is applicable,” he said.

 He said the exposure the delegates are getting is also very important as it contributes to raising the level of awareness of the issues of poverty in Brunei. According to the ASEM Info Board website, the events are aiming at raising awareness among the youth of potential cooperation on poverty eradication and providing them a platform to take actions in the fight against hunger.  The participants will also have a chance to develop their skills in the fields of negotiation, consensus-building and diplomacy.

The Brunei Times