Local Malay comic book introduces new series

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THE Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) has introduced the fifth series of their popular local comic book line ‘ZOY Topeng Sakti’ in a bid to further improve Malay proficiency among Bruneian youth.

ZOY Topeng Sakti (ZOY with the Powerful Mask) was first introduced in 2011 and is a popular read among the youth.

Demand was so high that the DBP had to make reprints, said the bureau’s head of marketing and promotion.

Hjh Rasiah Hj Tuah said the Malay comic book series was written by a local author and artist under the DBP to increase readership among the youth.

Mohammad Rezuan Hj Jamaeh is the first ever comic writer to publish a book of its kind in Brunei.

ZOY Topeng Sakti follows the adventures of a local youth who was bestowed powers to do good things and protect his country.

“Compared to other Malay books, the Malay comics have been the more popular choice among the children,” Hjh Rasiah said.

In a previous report, then Director of the DBP Hjh Aminah Hj Momin told The Brunei Times that the bureau’s mission was to empower the usage of the Malay language among Brunei’s youth.

She said that children nowadays are rarely able to converse in Malay without mixing English words.

She emphasised that the problem does not lie in being bilingual, but in the lack of effort to strengthen the use of the Malay language.

She added that the issue of youth unable to speak fluent Malay will turn into a bigger problem in the future if not resolved.

Hjh Aminah said that mixing the Malay and English languages when conversing will result in losing the purity of the Malay language.

This she explained could jeopardise the Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) culture which the language is a part of.

The Brunei Times