Father sentenced to 14 years in jail for raping underaged daughters

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THE Intermediate Court yesterday sentenced a local man to serve 14 years in jail for multiple charges of raping his two daughters and an attempt to rape another daughter.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered that no whippings shall be carried out on the defendant as he is over the age of 50.

The defendant’s sentence was ordered to run with effect from when he was first remanded on March 3. The presiding Intermediate Court judge Pg Hjh Masni Pg Hj Bahar in sentencing the defendant took into account the aggravating factors of the case namely that the defendant had raped two of his daughters and attempted to rape another.

The court said that rape is a serious matter and incestuous rape is worse. The defendant, said the judge, had raped Miss X on her naïve belief that evil spirit will be warded off.

The defendant had raped Miss X since she was 13 years old and the defendant raped her again this year while still playing on her naïve belief.

The judge further said that the only mitigating factor for the defendant was his guilty plea and thus saving court and prosecution’s time as well as saving the daughters from having to go through the ordeal of testifying in trial.

The defendant, whose name is being withheld to protect the victims’ identity, admitted to committing all nine offences.

The first rape dated back to 2002 when the defendant raped the oldest of the victims, Miss X, when she was just 13 years old on four occasions in the period of one year. The defendant led Miss X to believe he was “possessed by evil spirits” and convinced the victim that she had to let him have sexual intercourse with her in order to ward off the evil spirits and prevent him from being aggressive toward her.

He also attempted to rape another of his daughters, Miss Y, at their family home sometime in 2014 when she was 16 years old. He raped the youngest of the victims, Miss Z, twice sometime last year when she was 16 years old.

On two occasions in February this year, the defendant again raped Miss X, now aged 26, with the victim still believing what her father had told her years ago.

The crimes were only brought to light last month by the boyfriend of Miss X, who immediately reported the matter to the police after being informed of the rape on Miss X by an unnamed family member of the defendant.

The subsequent police investigations and statements given by the victims’ family members then helped uncover the true extent of the crimes.

The Brunei Times