Chinese volunteers look to promote cooperation

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TEN Chinese volunteers are working as teaching assistants at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) under the Chinese Volunteer Programme to promote cooperation between China and Brunei.

These volunteers are the second batch to have entered the country under the same programme and are working in the country from August 2015 to June 2016.

The ten volunteers were assigned to teach in different disciplines – medicine, accounting and language – in the form of lectures and tutorials.

“Aside from working at UBD, we also do volunteer work and different activities. We visited and volunteered at Pusat Ehsan and we are planning to make another visit soon,” Wu Shuzhen, a member of the Chinese volunteers, said during the sidelines of the BIMP-EAGA - Culture & Food Expo 2016 at the Airport Mall.

“Being a volunteer, means doing something good, to bring happiness to the people. Even though we speak different languages, we share the same happiness and desire to help others,” said Tina Luo Ting, another member of the Chinese volunteers.

During the 11th China and ASEAN leaders meeting in 2007, China proposed a programme that would send volunteers and provide services in Brunei.

The first batch of volunteers arrived in Brunei in 2012.

The Brunei Times