Sabah visitors look to history for links with Brunei

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SIX Malaysian delegates from the Sabah State Archive visited several historical centres in Brunei yesterday.

During their trip, the delegates visited the Brunei archives, museums and libraries for records regarding Brunei and Malaysia to better understand the shared historical links and background between the two countries.

Director of Sabah State Archive Hj Mohamad Said Hj Hinayat said that the purpose of the visit was to learn and find links in knowledge between the history of Brunei and Malaysia, especially with Sabah.

“We are all related historically so we cannot differentiate between Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. We are Malaysia (now) but at the same time we cannot forget that we were historically one (country),” he said.

Hj Mohamad Said said that they were also looking for opportunities to work together in gathering information and conducting joint research with Brunei towards promoting history and expanding the knowledge of the two countries.

He added that promoting history to the younger generation is a challenge as many find the subject “dry”. Therefore he said it was their job to do whatever possible to promote history.

“I hope that young people especially researchers go beyond their limitations, they don’t have to just look in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei.

“We have to go all around and online. We have to look forward and link these historical backgrounds for the benefit of our countries,” said Hj Mohamad Said.

The Brunei Times