Family welcomed into Islam at PDI

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A FAMILY of seven recited their declaration of faith (Syahadah) in a conversion ceremony at the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) yesterday.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, head of the family, now known as Muhd Firdaus Abdullah Yii said that he was grateful and excited as he has been looking forward to this day for a long time.

“I’ve been wanting to convert to Islam since two years ago, and now with my family’s blessings and desire to follow suit we are finally taking this leap of faith,” said the 44-year-old.

Originally from Sarawak, Muhd Firdaus said that he and his family have been living in Brunei for almost 12 years and being immersed in the Islamic culture among their Muslim friends, their intention to convert grew stronger. His wife, Nur Faaeqa Fatinah, 43, previously named Gui Ai Geok also expressed her happiness upon seeing her family embrace Islam.

“I hope my whole family will be able to embrace Islam fully and happily in line with what Islam teaches us,” she told The Brunei Times. Meanwhile their children Yii Zhi Siang, 19, Kelly Yii Ke Li, 18, Andy Yii Zhi Sheng, 15, Alan Yii Zhi Shan, 11, and 4-year-old Candense Yii Ke Ying, also took on Muslim names following the conversion.

Abdul Aziz Hj Abdul Kahar, acting director of PDI, said that he was happy to welcome the family and hopes that there will be more families converting to Islam in the near future.

“PDI always welcomes new converts and provides them with facilities to aid them along their transitions whilst also teaching them to be a real Muslimin or Muslimah with the arranged Islamic courses,” he said.

The ceremony also witnessed the conversion of a Filipino woman, Loida Flores Sanchez who chose Myiesha Khalida as her Muslim name. Yii Hung Hung, along with his wife and five children are the first family to take the leap of faith at PDI’s main building this year.

The Brunei Times