Museums among local sites frequented during holidays

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LOCAL tourists, especially families, have been taking their children to visit the museums in the capital since the school holidays began in March 18.

Most of the parents/guardians were seen with their children spending time to see what was offered at the cultural and heritage sites in the country.

“More families are seen in the afternoon, especially during the current school holidays,” said an attendant at the reception area of Muzium Teknologi Brunei in Kota Batu.

Other attendants working at Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum and the Royal Regalia Building also said the same.

“Usually children and their parents come in the afternoon. Perhaps, they have other things to do in the morning,” said a museum attendant at the Royal Regalia.

Muzium Teknologi Melayu features various types of traditional technology used by the Bruneians.

The attendant said from March 1 to 27, the guest book recorded a total of 3,305 visitors from both locals and foreigners.

Starting from March 18, when the school holidays started, Muzium Teknologi Melayu received 1,877 visitors. “As of 4pm yesterday, we have 167 local and foreigner visitors, including 61 children,” said the attendant.

In January and February this year, Muzium Teknologi Melayu received 3,167 and 4,134 visitors, respectively. So far, there have been rise in the number of visitors when compared to the first three months of last year. In January, February and March 2015, the number of visitors who came to Muzium Teknologi Melayu reached 2,479; 3,306 and 2,503 visitors, respectively.

Taking advantage of the school holidays, local tourists also visited to another museum next to Muzium Teknologi Brunei, which is the Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum. Its attendant said the guest book recorded a total of 2,446 visitors from March 1 to yesterday. Meanwhile, in January and February, the visitors reached 1,371 and 1,531, respectively.

Officially launched in March 2015, Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum received a total of 33,383 visitors last year. Built on a-8.74-hectare of land, the museum’s architecture is designed to resemble the front view of a ship, which demonstrates the country’s role as a centre of flourishing trade in the ancient times.

Meanwhile, the Royal Regalia Building is a big hit with visitors. In January and February this year, the number of visitors reached 11,050 and 11,514 people, respectively. -- Sally Piri

The Brunei Times