DARe to help ease vendor concerns over delayed payments

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VENDORS who worry about being blacklisted or even suspect they may be already blacklisted from engaging in business transactions with the government due to raising issues and concerns about them, are encouraged to speak to DARe (Darussalam Enterprise).

A few vendors facing delays in receiving their payments from the government said they were worried of being blacklisted from participating in tender processes if they filed in their complaints.

These vendors who shared their concerns, but opted for anonymity, felt it was not worth the risk of not being able to participate in tender processes in the future if they complained about delayed payments now.

However, DARe Executive Officer Ilie Rahman encouraged these vendors to still come to DARe so they can assist in the case.

“We have said that if you (entrepreneur) face any difficulty in the future such as suspecting you are being blacklisted, you can come back to us and DARe will help you. DARe will then communicate with the respective agency who may be blacklisting the company (who filed in the initial complaint), and try to find out the situation from their side,” she told The Brunei Times.

“Help us help you. The more feedback and statistics we can collect on the number of people who haven’t gotten their approvals (and payments), (the more) we can actually raise this to the respective agency/agencies,” she said.

After speaking to the agency, and if that agency is still making business-related activities difficult for the entrepreneur, the issue will then be escalated to the next level where DARe’s senior management will intervene.

Ilie said for those who initially filed complaints at DARe and were resolved, it does not mean they cannot return to file another business-related complaint.

“We will then monitor the situation. It does not mean that when DARe resolves a case, it will take its hands off that case. If the entrepreneur comes back to us, we will look into it because we will always be there to assist the company. If you come to DARe, there will be a higher chance the issue will be resolved,” she said.

After receiving several complaints on delayed payments and then speaking to the respective agencies, Ilie said some of the overdue payments were not because these agencies did not want to pay out, but because some of the companies did not provide the correct paperwork which resulted in them going back and forth.

However, there were instances when respective agencies took a while to submit the necessary paperwork involved for payment to the ministry of finance.

The Brunei Times