30% of regular blood donors are below 25 years of age

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THIRTY per cent of regular blood donors in Brunei are below 25 years old, a representative of the RIPAS Blood Donation Centre said.

Hj Matusop Hj Daud, a supervisor at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital’s Blood Donation Centre, said that this number of young blood donors was a huge increase when compared to that of five years ago.

He said that this was because young people today are more aware of the significance and benefits of donating blood, compared to their predecessors in the past.

“During our time, we didn’t have easy access to this information, but these days, youth are more concerned about health.

“In the past, the average first-time blood donation age was around 20 to 25, but these days, they’re starting as young as 17 and 18 years old,” Hj Matusop said.

Hj Matusop said the Blood Donation Centre aims to keep the number of young regular blood donors rising, through continuous education and promotional efforts.

“We are glad to see that these days, the number of schools, colleges and higher education institutions regularly organise blood donation drives, which raise our number of young blood donors.

“It’s increasing but we always need more,” he said, saying that at least 50 pints of donated blood a day is needed daily in Brunei.

According to Hj Matusop, peer support among donors can really help raise first time donors’ confidence levels to give blood.

“More than 90 per cent of our new donors will come again, despite being afraid to donate blood at first,” he said.

The blood donation supervisor added that there are “absolutely no disadvantages” to giving blood.

“When you donate blood regularly, there’s less risk of cancer and heart attacks, and every time you donate blood, you burn around 500 calories.

“Through donating blood, you save lives, get healthier and contribute to your country,” Hj Matusop further said.

Hj Matusop welcomed any organisation who wants the RIPAS Blood Donation Centre to give a talk on the benefits of giving blood to contact the centre.

The blood donation supervisor was speaking to _The Brunei Times _during a blood donation drive held at the Ministry of Finance in Berakas yesterday. 

Previous news reports have stated that all blood donations in Brunei are voluntary.

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