Residents concerned over deserted housing complex

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THE delayed construction of the terrace units along STKRJ Kg Rimba’s Jalan 99 has sparked some concerns from the nearby residents over the area being used by irresponsible parties to conduct immoral activities.

The Brunei Times conducted an inspection around the area, and found there were no signs or barriers indicating that the areas are off-limits from the public.

The area also hosted around 10 building blocks, consisting of five housing units each.

According to the public tip-off, many believed that people use the vacant terrace houses and its area for immoral activities.

A resident, who lives nearby and only wished to be known as Mahmud, recalled a lot of stories about electrical cables and facilities being stolen and vandalised.

“And this is worrying as the area is located just about 10 metres away from my home,” he said, adding that fornication and drug abuse could be another activities done at the area.

He also shared his experience over seeing numerous cars entering the area at night, where they would park at an area, and soon after, their lights were turned off.

He also said that such occurrence seemed “creepy” and disturbing to him.

“Since it’s located in the vicinity of our area and the houses were emptied for a long time, it turns out to be a creepy and disturbing environment.”

An elderly citizen who lived near the area, Hj Matussin Hj Bakar, 80, also mentioned about environmental effects of the deserted houses.

“The area is home to so many people. Every time we go out from this area, we pass through the emptied houses, it becomes our daily view,” he said.

He said that people who visited the area often asked similar questions. “It becomes a topic of conversation either among the residents itself or people who visited their relatives here.”

Hj Matussin also said that there’s a need to put up proper signs and gates to avoid people from trespassing into the area.

“The terrace houses have been abandoned for around 10 years and it’s due to delay in the construction work,” said the Village Chief of Area 1, RPN Rimba Mukim Gadong A.

“The house is not yet completed and it was deserted for around 10 years. There are some part of the houses are almost done and some are just left without roofs,” said Hj Adanan @ Hj Mohamed Taha.

However, neighbourhood watch programme that was implemented in the village, he said, may help the village to increase its security and together in curbing any problem that may occur in the area.

According to an official from the Ministry of Development, the authority has been aware about the problems and will address the issue as soon as possible.

The Brunei Times