‘Arabic School graduates have many options’

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GRADUATES of Arabic schools have plenty of career options aside from those related to the religious or religious education fields.

Asrul Sany Hj Mohd Ali, previously an Arabic school student who now works at the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office, said that although such schools are centred around a more religious and holistic education, there are plenty of opportunities for its students to carve out a career in any field they wish to enter.

“Although it is called an Arabic school, there are many streams such as the Science stream or the Arabic stream that you can choose,” said the 43-year-old.

Another former Arabic School student, Hj Ahmad Abdessalam Hj Abd Rahman, said that there is sometimes a misconception that Arabic schools only focus on religious education.

“Even ourselves and our parents, when we first entered Arabic school, we envisaged that we would all end up as imams or religious educators.

“However, only a few of my old classmates actually did,” said the UNISSA lecturer.

“Education at Arabic school is still an important platform if one wishes to have a successful career in religious affairs such as our former classmate who is now the Rector of the local Islamic university,” he said.

Yesterday, 35 former students from the Hassanal Bolkiah Arabic Secondary School for Boys held a reunion meeting yesterday at the Rizqun Coffee House.

Those in attendance were from the intake of 1983 when they were in the modern equivalent of Year 7 at the secondary school.

The Brunei Times