Programme targets new Muslim converts

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THE Kampung Bukit Tutong Mosque Takmir Committee in collaboration with the Tutong and Belait Islamic Dakwah Section have organised a three-day programme to offer social support and Islamic knowledge to new converts nationwide.

Twenty-six people registered for the ‘Menjana Insan Bertaqwa’ (Building Pious Individuals) programme, which started yesterday at Hotel Koperasi in Seria.

Nur Farrah Ashikin Hj Mohammad Sofrikhan, the takmir committee’s media and publicity officer, said the participants were divided into five groups: Al-Mulk, Al-Fath, Al-Waqiah, Al-Kahf and Ar-Rahman.

“The groups are named after surah that we use daily (in our prayers). We hope this will also ensure that the participants do the same by reciting the surah every day.”

The programme’s activities include workshops such as how to perform wudhu (ablution) and Islamic lectures like Solat Satu Kewajipan (Praying is an Obligation).

One of the participants, Noralizah Muhammad Qarar, 46, said that participating in the programme will enable her to increase her knowledge about Islam.

“I converted back in 1993 but still feel there’s a lot more to learn. That’s why I’ve wanted to join in such programmes.

“Through the programme, I hope to gain new knowledge; not just from the lectures and workshops but from other participants as well,” she said.

She said new converts should gain Islamic knowledge through correct and reliable sources.

“I was attracted to Islam because of how it made me feel. I always felt calm and felt that it fit perfectly. That’s when I decided to convert.”

Nur Farrah Ashikin said it’s hoped that the programme will act as a platform for new converts to deepen their Islamic knowledge.

“This is especially for those who are still in their early stages of Islamic learning,” she said.

The programme also aims to familiarise or strengthen the participants with the five pillars of Islam.

“We hope that by the end of the programme, the participants will have gained much information and knowledge and apply it in everyday life.”

The Brunei Times