Postal services launches ‘today list’

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THOSE expecting small packages from overseas can now be notified of its arrival via the Postal Services Department’s Acknowledgement of Receipt (AR) listing posted daily on its website.

Acting Postmaster-General Hj Bolhassan Hj Bulat , in a press conference yesterday, said the newly implemented listing – named today list – will show the names of recipients whose parcels have arrived in Brunei.

The parcels will then be delivered to the respective address within the next three working days.

Previously the small packages were only to be collected by owners after a card was issued. With the listing, Hj Bolhassan said the cards will only be given to those who were absent upon delivery of the goods.

“If the delivery process is unsuccessful due to the recipient being absent from their homes, then we will issue a card for them to collect their small packets at the Mail Processing Centre (MPC) here,” he said.

The small packets will then be stored within the MPC, at a standard maximum of 14 days before the department decides for an appropriate action. This includes returning the goods back to the sender, said the acting postmaster-general.

Hj Bolhassan however explained that packages that are to be delivered would be those that have been classified as ‘G’, which means that it has been ‘green-stamped’ by the Royal Customs and Excise department and have been cleared for delivery.

“And if they are marked as ‘R’ (red-stamped), then owners of the small packages would have to collect them here, to be presented to the customs officials as per usual,” he said.

While the online listing system has been up since March 22, Hj Bolhassan said it is still undergoing trials as the department wishes to get feedback on how they can further improve the system and speed up the delivery processes.

He also reminded the public on the need to understand that many of the small packages are often sent with free or low-cost shipping, which would usually transit to other countries first before arriving in Brunei.

This results in a longer shipping time, depending on which country the goods were sent from.

Hj Bolhassan added that it will be more convenient for recipients to have a tracking number, which could then be traced at the department’s website.

For those collecting their packages at the MPC, the acting postmaster-general reminded them to bring their identity cards in case there is a need for identification.

The public is also encouraged to provide active phone numbers on which they can be contacted in the case of Express Mail Service (EMS) package deliveries to prevent delivery delays.

More information on the service can be obtained by calling the department’s customer care centre at 2380481 during office hours.

The Brunei Times