Over 11,000 residents apply for Frequent Travellers Facility

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OVER 11,000 Brunei residents have applied for Frequent Travellers Facility (FTF) since it was jointly introduced in 2011 by Brunei and Malaysia to ease regular travel across the three land borders shared by both countries.

The FTF programme, which is now fully computerised and can be applied for online, minimises the number of immigration endorsements (physical stamps) needed every time a person crosses over from Brunei into Miri and Limbang and vice versa.

The Department of Immigration and National Registration (JIPK) in an email interview said FTF is only valid at the Sg Tujoh control posts of Brunei and Malaysia, the Kuala Lurah control post and the opposing Malaysian post in Tendungan, Limbang and Temburong's Ujung Jalan post and the nearby Pendaruan post in Limbang.

Once an applicant registers through www.ftf.gov.bn, they will be notified by text once FTF has been granted, which will be indicated at the checkpoints of both countries once the passport number is scanned.

Brunei's immigration only issues FTFs to Brunei passports – both ordinary, diplomatic and official – as well as holders of the General Certificate of Identity.

FTF replaces the physical Frequent Travellers Card (FTC), which was officially launched by Brunei and Malaysia in 2007.

The Brunei Times