Online licence application available for biz in Belait

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BUSINESSES in Belait will soon be able to apply for licences for public entertainment, car park and billboard, signboard, banner and advertisement online through the OneBiz portal.

At present, these three categories of licences must be applied for in person, manually, through the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board, but a representative from the Energy and Industry Department under the Prime Minister’s Office (EIDPMO) said the application process would be shifted online in the near future.

“The application for these licences in Brunei-Muara can already be done online on OneBiz, so it is only a matter of time before Belait has the same. This will make getting these licences a much easier, smoother process,” said the EIDPMO representative yesterday, who declined to be named.

Belait’s OneBiz was launched last May, but only offered the registering and renewal of licences under the Business Licence Act, which replaced the Miscellaneous Licence (Lesen Rampaian).

However, since seven business activities under the Business Licence Act were exempted earlier in February, Belait’s OneBiz currently only offers renewal and registration for the remaining business activities still included in the act.

The car park, public entertainment and billboard, signboard, banner and advertisement licences do not fall under the Business License Act.

The EIDPMO representative said the addition of services under Belait’s OneBiz would also be accompanied by the setting up of a physical Business Support Centre (BSC) in Kuala Belait in the future.


“These measures (opening of BSC, addition of services in Belait OneBiz) are part of our nationwide efforts to improve the environment we do business in,” he added.

BSC will open its first branch in Brunei-Muara next month, operating five days a week, where relevant government agencies involved in registering and overseeing businesses will be present.

The seven activities no longer requiring the business licence are: eateries, boarding and lodging houses or other places of public resort; street vendors and stalls; motor vehicle dealers; petrol stations including places for storing petrol and inflammable material; timber store and furniture factories; and retail shops and workshops.

The remaining activities still required under the Business License Act include the cosmetic and health sector.

The Brunei Times