Good response to first EOD in Belait

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QUESTIONS on business licences, starting a business and setting up online payment solutions repeatedly propped up at Belait's first Enterprise Open Day (EOD) organised by Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) yesterday.

A “strong” turnout of 178 people registered at EOD yesterday at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education's Jefri Bolkiah College of Engineering campus (IBTE MKJB), where over 20 government agencies and financial institutions set up tables to answer business queries.

While consultations ran throughout the day, business talks were also held by the Wawasan Secretariat, Ease of Doing Business Unit (EODB), DARe and the Brunei Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO).

EODB’s representative Zulfadli Abu Bakar said his unit recorded several inquiries from established and aspiring businessmen who were seeking a more comprehensive understanding of what activities are still required to have a licence to operate under the Business Licence Act.

“There are still people asking if certain business licences need to be renewed and registered or if they are exempted. We were able to address their concerns and give them answers on the spot,” said Zulfadli.

He said that given EODB’s key task of simplifying and speeding up the processes of setting up a business in the Sultanate, events like EOD provide opportunities for agencies to identify obstacles faced by people first hand.

“At EOD we can gather, on-the-ground, what the issues people are faced with when setting up a business. In turn, we are able to analyse what we have gathered, and make improvements to the processes in starting a business,” he said.

Local businessman Dannie Basrah, who runs a retail outlet with his wife, said that Bruneian businesses continue to struggle to secure online payment solutions.

“For businesses looking to offer potential consumers the ability to purchase products and services online, getting a good, secure payment solution is a must,” said the 34-year-old.

Those having business related inquiries can contact the DARe hotline at 8363442 or

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