DARe to help in chasing late payments from gov’t

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ANY vendor who has engaged with the government in a business transaction and has yet to receive payment 30 days after submitting their invoice can now register their complaint to DARe (Darussalam Enterprise).

DARe, a statutory body that aims to foster the growth of business enterprises, will then follow up with the relevant agency on the payment.

“DARe’s role will be to facilitate the complaint and carry out the follow-up with the respective government agency,’’ said Permanent Secretary (Industry) at the Prime Minister’s Office Adi Shamsul Hj Sabli.

The senior government official recently told The Brunei Times DARe will keep following up the case until the payment is resolved.

“Each complaint filed at DARe will have a ticket, and we will not close the ticket until it is resolved. So in this case, until the payment is made (to the vendor), only then will we close the ticket. Otherwise, we will keep chasing and reminding (the authority to pay up),’’ he said.

He said DARe will initiate the chasing of payment, and if nothing happens, it will be escalated to the next level.

“This does not only apply for payment, but for any other business-related issue,’’ he said.

Adi Shamsul Hj Sabli said as long as the business party has engaged with the government for work, and has submitted an invoice for the work carried out, it is entitled to payment.

He said each invoice that is sent to the government should be registered into the invoice tracking system, and that the vendor is to be paid within 30 days.

Adi Shamsul explained sometimes it is not the Ministry of Finance (that does not pay within the time period), but it could be with any ministry.

Meanwhile, he said for businesses with back-dated invoices and have yet to receive payment, they too can file a report on it at DARe.

“We will look into it. However, we cannot guarantee the payment time, because some invoices may have been from a long time ago and it may need a little bit of work and investigation with the relevant agency,’’ he said.

Nevertheless, he said anyone with these back-dated invoices can come to DARe.

“We will, at the very least, look into it and provide feedback on what happened,’’ he said.

Through DARe, a common and more unified approach will be taken to direct support and encourage growth of local enterprises under a single body represented and driven by the private sector.

According to DARe, it will work closely with ministries, government and non- government agencies locally and abroad, to foster growth of business enterprises and thus increase GDP contribution.

The Brunei Times