‘A blessing not to be wasted’

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IMAMS across the country yesterday reminded their congregations of the importance of water conservation, as water is a fundamental resource bestowed by Allah SWT on humankind.

Furthermore, the sultanate is currently the highest user of water in the region, with consumption at 420-450 litres a day per person

“We must take a positive step by inculcating a habit to help preserve the blessing of water,” said the imams.

“We are very lucky, as the country’s (water) tariff is very low. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for us to waste water, as Islam forbids us from carrying out such wastage,” they said.

The imams reminded their congregants that Allah SWT holds the power to bring rain down from the skies and that the Almighty also has the ability to prevent us from enjoying the blessings of water and the rain.

“Imagine if Allah SWT decides to take away this blessing from us. What would happen to us all?” they said.

Water isn’t only meant for people but is for all living things created by the Almighty such as animals and plants, said the imams. They said without water, the earth would be arid and barren, causing all forms of life to suffer and perish.

“As users, we must be smart in our water usage whereby we should be careful and not be wasteful, especially since we are aware that our country is experiencing dry and hot weather from the El-Nino phenomenon,” they said.

This would affect water storage capacity at our country’s dams due to the low rainfall, they said.

“We must use water at a reasonable and necessary rate,” said the imams, who called upon the congregants to pray that Allah SWT will continue to shower the country with the blessing and abundance of water.

The Brunei Times